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Focus Material

  • Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I - DVD

    Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I - DVD

    The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory.

    $17.00 ea.

  • The Ultimate Answers Pack

    The Ultimate Answers Pack

    Over 700,000 in print! 160 Faith-Affirming Answers
    Get the ultimate collection of compelling biblical answers from Ken Ham and the AiG experts. (Box Not Included)

    $64.99 ea.

  • Censored Science

    Censored Science

    By Bruce Malone
    A striking full color visually stunning book of the fifty best evidences for biblical creation. Examine the information all too often censored, suppressed, or ignored in our schools. Every page is a masterpiece which presents a different evidence for creation along with the most common naturalistic response.

    $15.99 ea.

  • The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum

    The Rocks Cry Out Curriculum

    This is the best DVD set on Creation out there for Adults down to about fifth grade. Approximately five hours of instruction per set.

    Very, very few people have ever seen a fascinating, visual presentation of the evidence supporting a Biblical creation viewpoint. The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum provides the perfect tool for you to change this for your church or small group. Search for the Truth ministry spent $30,000 filming the first six lessons of The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum. The six-DVD set is now ready for release and use in churches, fellowship groups, youth groups, and home schools and the full set, including Leader’s Guide.

  • N is for Noah

    N is for Noah

    Part of the beloved Bible ABC book series by Ken Ham, N is for Noah uses catchy rhymes and appealing illustrations to present the story of Noah.
    It also provides easy-to-use teaching tools for parents and educators, including discussion points, reviews, and memorization aids. This engaging text works well for both family devotionals and as a curriculum for homeschooling, Sunday school, or Christian schools.
    This Bible ABC book teaches children about the Bible while it also entertains them.
    It helps answer young children’s questions about Noah, the Ark, and the Flood.
    N is for Noah comes in an easel-book format, which makes it even easier to teach from.

    $14.99 ea.

  • Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

    Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

    A fascinating presentation on dragons and their biblical connection will shed light on the truth of their existence and connection to the last living dinosaurs. Powerful, fire-breathing, fantastic beings that have left their legacy on this world and can now only be found in the pages of ancient texts. DRAGONS!

    $17.99 ea.

  • Dinosaurs for Kids

    Dinosaurs for Kids

    Ken Ham teams a powerful apologetics-based timeline of dinosaur history with eye-popping illustrations and the latest in dinosaur information! Kids will learn about dinosaur names and misnomers, what the Bible can teach us about them, and what we can learn from the evidence of their existence. The world of dinosaurs has never been this exciting, revealing, and simply amazing to see and explore!

    $11.99 ea.

  • Truth In Science Curriculum-Price including shipping cheapest on net

    Truth In Science Curriculum-Price including shipping cheapest on net

    This Sixth Grade Truth in Science curriculum is designed to strengthen the student's faith and enhance their relationship with God, while allowing them to be academically sound in the areas of science and objective reasoning. This is accomplished by combining the Truth in Science curriculum with existing textbooks to teach empirical knowledge through a secular approach while simultaneously teaching Biblical worldview and all 18 tenets of creation found in the Bible. The curriculum is designed to teach about God's awesome creation through solid scientific principles and to help the student discern the differences between true science and gross secular speculation not supported by facts.

    Every day our students are being bombarded from all aspects of the American culture with influences that minimize the authority of the Bible in their thinking. Christian education must make every effort to reconnect true scientific thought with the Biblical worldview. The Truth in Science curriculum provides a fascinating exposure to scientific concepts that also honor our Creator.

    $50.00 ea.

  • Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure

    Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure

    Meet Charlie, an ever-inquisitive monkey, and his best friend Trike, a calm ceratopsian dinosaur with vital faith answers, as they wind their way along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and take a mule trip with their guide Captain Wes down into this incredible landscape. Experience the adventure each time you read this unforgettable book with its pull-out features, maps, flaps, and a panoramic three-page Canyon drawing!

    $13.99 ea.

  • Dinosaurs By Design

    Dinosaurs By Design

    Everyone wants to know about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs by Design takes you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like. Discover how fossils are formed, dug up, and assembled for museums. Travel with the dinosaurs as they board Noah's ark and then enter the strange new world after the flood. Find out what happened to the dinosaurs and if there are any alive today. Join us on an exciting adventure to learn more about these magnificent creatures that God designed and created.

    $11.99 ea.


    • Evolution Impossible

      Evolution Impossible

      There is scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on Earth. In Evolution Impossible, Dr. John Ashton uses discoveries in genetics, biochemistry, geology, radiometric dating, and other scientific disciplines to explain why the theory of evolution is a myth. Regardless of your level of scientific education, you will finish this book able to cite 12 reasons why evolution cannot explain the origin of life.

      $13.99 ea.

    • New Answers Books

      New Answers Books

      Looking for a place to begin learning more about biblical creation. This is the place to start.

      We all have questions. God’s Word has all the answers.

      To help you find the answers, Ken Ham and the team of experts at Answers in Genesis authored New Answers Book 1, 2, 3, and 4. This top-selling series is now available as a complete collection. With this four book set, your home or library will hold over 100 faith-affirming answers to some of the most challenging questions about faith, science, and the Bible.

      Individual books are available with the drop-down below.

    • Have You Considered: Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

      Have You Considered: Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

      A unique devotional which present the evidence for creation from every area of science. This 432 page softcover has 365 different examples of how well science supports a biblical model for our origins are presented. The book is stunningly illustrated with over 200 full-color illustrations. It is written in a style that is appropriate to be read to young children yet profoundly enjoyable for adults. The book also contains extensive references and includes topical, Bible verse, and subject indexes. It is a phenomenal source for home-school families, Christian parents, or anyone wanting to know more about nature or creation.

      $11.95 ea.

    • Old Earth Creationism on Trial

      Old Earth Creationism on Trial

      Join authors Dr. Jason Lisle and Tim Chaffey as they put forth a case against an old-earth interpretation of Scripture. A comprehensive biblical, theological, and scientific critique of old-earth creationism, the book presents its compelling testimony in layman's terms to create a powerful debate that leads to unquestionable truth.

      $11.95 ea.

    • Guide to Dinosaurs

      Guide to Dinosaurs

      Dinosaurs were amazing creatures. We're learning more about them all the time, but there are still many questions. How do they fit with the Bible? Are they really millions of years old? Did they live at the same time as humans? Were dinosaurs on the Ark? If so, why are they extinct today? Examine the evidence and discover that the Bible tells the real dinosaur story.
      Learn all about the history of dinosaur fossils, different dinosaur types, and mankind's interaction with 'dragons' in the years following the Flood. This is a fantastic resource for the dinosaur-lover of any age!

      $16.00 ea.

    • Brilliant


      Brilliant is a beautifully illustrated full-color, sewn hardcover which ties history to Biblical truth. Each page of the 128 page book shows an artifact or example from some ancient culture demonstrating the inventiveness, intelligence, or Biblical knowledge of ancient mankind. Every page also prominently features a timeline tying the artifact featured on that page to a 6000 year Biblical timeline and shows how ancient cultures and Biblical events fit into world history. This book ties biblical truth to true world history like no other book reinforces the reality that the Bible provides a true history of all of reality.

      $15.00 ea.

    • Discovery by Design

      Discovery by Design

      From the frontiers of scientific discovery, researchers are now taking design elements from the natural world and creating extraordinary breakthroughs that benefit our health, our quality of life, our ability to communicate, and even help us work more efficiently.
      Take a fantastic journey into the intersection of science and God's blueprints for life - discovering answers to some of the most intricate challenges we face. Experience this powerful apologetics message in a multi-purpose resource as a personal enrichment tool or as an educational supplement.

      $13.99 ea.

    • Don't Miss the Boat

      Don't Miss the Boat

      Here is your comprehensive guide to creationist thinking on the Flood in an easy-to-understand style!
      Get your facts and misunderstandings about the Flood straightened out!
      Study the history of the immediate post-Flood world, as well as modern considerations of the histories of earth sciences
      Read four fictional short stories that place the reader back in time just before the Flood-showing a world filled with non-belief and the few who reached out to save other with God's truth.
      Don't Miss the Boat provides various perspectives on the biblical account of the Great Flood that speak to both the technical and scientific evidence we see around the world today. This book contains information for the layman who wants to know the basics, as well as the solid evidence that can be shared with anyone. Theological considerations, historical essays, and scientific implications are included, as well as fictional representations that convey the emotional power of God's judgment on a wicked pre-Flood world, rounding out this unique resource.

      $13.99 ea.

    • Guide to Animals

      Guide to Animals

      How do fish breathe and birds fly? Why do some animals migrate and others hibernate? And what happened to the dinosaurs and other extinct animals?
      The animal kingdom is a massive and amazing part of God's wonderful creation. Whether they fly, swim, slither, gallop, or swing through trees, discover how the Lord created each animal to be unique and engineered for its own habitat. This book covers a number of animals, from sharks and jellyfish to dragonflies and bees. Learn about creatures that have some very unique features - camouflage, bioluminescence, and echolocation among them. Discover creatures that live in some of the most extreme environments in the world. All of these creatures and more are a testament to God's glory.

      $16.99 ea.

    • The Young Earth

      The Young Earth

      The Young Earth scientifically examines the evidence to see what the earth actually reveals about itself. This classic and definitive work, newly revised and expanded, demonstrates that the Bible can be trusted in questions of science history.
      The Young Earth offers both compelling scientific analysis and effective biblical exposition. A powerful resource, it also includes a CD with PowerPoint presentations that illustrate such key concepts as salt levels in the oceans, the age of the atmosphere, the accumulation of ocean sediments, and much more.

      $19.99 ea.

    • Refuting Compromise

      Refuting Compromise

      With his usual brilliant clarity, Jonathan Sarfati, author of the best-selling Refuting Evolution (Vols. 1 and 2) has produced a comprehensive and resounding refutation of the position of 'progressive creationist' Hugh Ross, whose views are causing massive confusion about science and the Bible. The most powerful theological and scientific defense of a straightforward view of Genesis creation ever written.

      $14.99 ea.

    • Refuting Evolution

      Refuting Evolution

      Refuting Evolution is a hard-hitting critique of the most up-to-date arguments for evolution, to challenge educators, students and parents. It is a powerful, yet concise summary of the arguments against evolution and for creation. It will stimulate much discussion and help students and teachers think more critically about origins.

      $12.00 ea.


    • America's National Parks: A Creation Tour (6 DVD Set)

      America's National Parks: A Creation Tour (6 DVD Set)

      *Twelve 30-minute episodes on 6 DVD’s
      *Learn how earth science actually supports the biblical record
      *Faith-affirming series for everyone
      In this 6 DVD set, Noah Justice visits 12 national parks and monuments through the worldview of a biblical creationist. Explore the geologic marvels of the Arches and Natural Bridges, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and more, all showing so clearly that catastrophic processes of the Flood just a few thousand years ago have taken place to shape these amazing formations.

      $55.00 ea.

    • What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, “Our Created Solar System” Vol. 1

      What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, “Our Created Solar System” Vol. 1

      Christian Book Distributors Review by Dean Andreola, CBD Homeschool Catalog Winter 2012, page A25
      “If the heavens declare the glory of God, then it is certainly worth a trip to the heavens! Your family’s host for this space voyage is Spike Psarris, former engineer in the United States military space program. He began his career as an atheist, but research into the origins of the solar system brought him to Christ.

      $15.00 ea.

    • What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, “Our Created Stars and Galaxies” Vol. 2

      What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, “Our Created Stars and Galaxies” Vol. 2

      In this video, you'll see how recent discoveries contradict the naturalistic view of history. You'll hear the words of secular astronomers, as they admit that their models fail to explain the contents of the Universe.

      $15.00 ea.

    • What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, "Universe" Vol. 3

      What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy, "Universe" Vol. 3

      Our Universe. What is its origin? Did it form in a Big Bang event billions of years ago? Or are the heavens consistent with the Biblical account of creation instead?

      $15.00 ea.

    • What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy 3 Pack

      What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy 3 Pack

      “These exciting and well-researched DVDs are perfect for the whole family, whether you’re homeschooling or trying to equip your students to respond to the secular ideas being taught in school science textbooks.”

      $35.00 ea.

    • Our Created Moon DVD

      Our Created Moon DVD

      Dr. Donald DeYoung displays the latest discoveries of astronomy and lunar science to analyze flawed views of the moon's origin. In this illustrated presentation he shows that the moon could only have been placed in its orbit by the Creator, not blind chance.

      $12.99 ea.



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